Location: Poland , OTHER, Warszawa

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Height: 6' - 183 cm

Weight: 225 lbs - 102.1 kg

Physique: Bodybuilder

Years Of Experience: 1-5 years

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Witam zawodowo w grze sportowej )

Services Offered

  • Private Webcam / Skype / Video Chat
  • Phone Chat
  • Fantasy Wrestling
  • Pro Wrestling
  • Submission Wrestling
  • Pin Wrestling
  • MMAJudo
  • Tickle Wrestling
  • Scissoring
  • Custom Videos
  • Feats of Strength
  • Lift and Carry
  • Posing / Modeling
  • Others: Please email request



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1 year ago

I will share the meeting with Anula. After a quick communication, I drove to Warsaw dp to see her. I already have a lot of experience, but I was nervous. When she opened the apartment door, I was really amazed. I have met many female bodybuilders – for example Jana Linke Sippl, Irene Anderson, Eva Damoh, Storm, etc., but Anna is different. Height approx. 183 cm, heavy and muscular, very pleasant and open. We wrestled a bit in the post room, she tried body scissors and she is very strong. The only thing it lacks is the technique, but otherwise it’s amazing. Her figure is phenomenal and whoever loves huge women, don’t miss the opportunity to meet her. I’m also quite strong, which she also liked, but her musculature is completely different. At the end, I took a photo as a souvenir. Overall, I was delighted and will definitely repeat the meeting. I really recommend it to everyone!!!

1 year ago

I saw anula this week in Warsaw. She is absolutely incredible in person, and just as the stats say.

She has a nice apartment in Warsaw so you don’t need a location. It is a bit outside center Warsaw, but taking an uber is very easy and affordable in Poland, so no worries getting there.

She is interested in getting a massage and muscle worship. If you want anything like domination or wrestling, ask ahead and she may need specific examples. That does not really seem to be her thing.

When I arrived I was really blown as she is very tall, nearly 100kg, and solid muscle. The next thing that shocked me, and what I found most impressive, is I could not get both hands around her bicep. I think they are over 17 inches, maybe 18.

Other than this, I must affirm what the other reviewers said. They gave a lot of good information. She barely looks like she could be real bit she is legit.

This was my first session, maybe my only. I chose very well!

1 year ago

I met her about a week ago. And it was truly an amazing experience. When I entered her apartment I couldn’t believe my eyes. She’s just so big. Most of massive FBBs are really short, like about 160cm, but that’s not the case with Anula. She’s a legit Amazon standing at 183cm, and tipping scale at 102kg. I was completely dwarfed, and I’m not a short man myself (177cm).
During the session I asked for some scissorholds. She’s obviously new to this scene, so she has not much experience, but was very good at every hold I showed her. And she really doesn’t know her strenght yet. When I asked for side bodyscissors she didn’t even cross her legs, and I was sore the day after. I don’t know the exact measurement, but her thighs must be at least 27 inches of rock hard muscles. As for her biceps, they are over 17 inches, also rock hard . On a 6 foot tall FBB that’s just amazing.
You’ve got to meet her yourself. She’s only going to get better with time. I’m very curious myself how effective her holds will be, once she develops a technique matching her body.

1 year ago

I met her last night. Since she does not travel, I met her in Warsaw, Poland. The location is close to Chopin international airport (about 15 min by taxi). The place is very accommodating and clean. I was surprised when Anna opened the door because she was more beautiful and sexier than in the photos. After the session, we measured our weight. I am 73 kg (175cm). Her stats were the same as the profile: 183 cm and 102kg without fat. She is very sympathetic, sensual and welcoming. We did lift and carry, muscle worship session. Of course, she was much stronger than me, especially her biceps and thighs were really thick and rock-hard. She very easily lifted me (175cm 73kg) in cradle lift, front hug lift, piggyback lift, etc. Her English was not so good. However, she could understand well what I asked.
Simply, I think she is the biggest and one of the tallest session girl on this site. She is really gorgeous, sexy, sympathetic, and sensual. She has big, thick, rock-hard, and well-enough-defined muscles. Yes, she does not travel. However, I think traveling to Poland just to see her is worthy. And if you have any reason to go to Poland. She is a must-see. Thank you, Anna. I hope to see you again soon.