Location: France , Paris

Last Activity: 09/22/2022


Height: 5'8” - 173 cm

Weight: 135 lbs - 61.2 kg

Physique: Athletic


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Tanya and Vixen are two very sexy wrestlers who are also very good friends, so dont think you can take advantage of one of them without being knocked out by the other. They are based in Paris but travel from time to time in the south of France or to Colmar. Send an email for booking and get ready to be crushed by the hottest fighters.


Tanya et Vixen sont deux lutteuses très sexy qui sont également très bonnes copines, donc ne pensez que vous pourrez en maîtriser une sans vous faire démolir par lautre… Elles sont basées sur Paris et voyagent de temps à autres dans le sud de la France à Aix-en-Provence ou à Colmar. Contact par email pour réserver une session. Préparez vous à prendre une belle raclée par ces terribles amazones

Services Offered

  • Fantasy Wrestling
  • Submission Wrestling
  • Pin Wrestling
  • 2 on 1 Wrestling
  • Fantasy Boxing
  • 2 or More on 1 Handicap Matches
  • Tag Team Matches
  • Female vs Female
  • Scissoring
  • Custom Videos
  • Lift and Carry
  • Belly PunchingIn-Gym


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9 days ago

Pour ma première session, j’ai découvert Tanya et Vixen. Le contact est très facile, elles répondent rapidement aux mails.

Nous avons organisé une session de boxe fantaisie. Elles disposent d’un emplacement avec ring, gants de boxe et mats, c’est vraiment top et l’ambiance est parfaite. Elles m’ont accueilli avec toute leur bienveillance et leur gentillesse, on est tout de suite à l’aise avec elles.

Durant le combat, elles donnent tout et elles y vont à fond. On a enchaîné les rounds ! J’ai absolument tout adoré dans cette session, elles sont à l’écoute de vos envies, elles sont super enthousiastes et super motivées à vous faire passer un moment incroyable.
Elles ont de la technique, de l’endurance. Seul souci, le temps qui passe définitivement trop vite.

Elles sont très complices entre elles, vous allez tomber sous leur charme et passerez un super moment.

Merci en tout cas pour cette expérience absolument incroyable, je vous recommande absolument Tanya et Vixen qui sont les filles les plus gentilles, les plus sexy et les plus incroyables de la France !!!

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2 months ago

J’ai passé un très bon moment avec Vixen et Tanya pour ma première session avec elles. Elles forment la paire, sont toutes les deux très sympas, accueillantes, mettent à l’aise, sont à l’écoute et pleines de créativité. On a tourné ensemble des vidéos, elles ont été soucieuses de réaliser ce qui me plaisait, respecter les consignes tout en étant force de propositions. De plus elles s’entendent très bien, sont complémentaires, aiment faire ce qu’elles font et ça se voit ! Bref, n’hésitez plus à les contacter !

3 months ago

I met the two ladies for the second time. Our first encounter was in Colmar in 2021. This time I was impressed how much they improved. Although we all did not go for 100% I realized that both Tanya and Vixen were far superior in 1 on 1 combat and they beat me again and again. Although I am a fit athlete(running and sometimes climbing) I could not cope with their skills and power. I could only provoke them with some resilience but they always brought me back down to earth where I mostly ended immobilized under their beautiful bodies.
Tanya seemed a little stronger to me especially with her legs and Vixen is as flexible as a snake. But for me it made no difference. I lost to both of them with the same devastating score. At the domination ending they used a scenario I proposed but they also brought up some great ideas. The communication was also very easy. Tanya is still learning English but Vixen speaks perfect English.
But for me the most important aspect is that they are just the sweetest and most sympathetic persons you can imagine. It is just so much fun to be with them because they love what they are doing and both times I met them they performed just phenomenal.
So don’t miss this incredible duo if you are around Paris or they visit your area!
I am a big fan and I hope we meet again real soon! 🙂

4 months ago

Super session 2vs1. Avec des vidéos à venir. Elles sont magnifiques et super sexy. Très gentilles. Je ne les pensais pas aussi techniques. Les prises étaient faites à la perfections. Elles sont également plus musclées que je ne le pensais. Une note particulière pour les étranglements et ciseaux de tète. Perfect. J’étais réticent de base. J’ai vraiment bien fait de les contactées. Elles sont vraiment au top. Première session double pour moi et je les conseil vraiment. Merci à vous deux. J’ai adoré

6 months ago

J’ai eu l’opportunité et la chance de faire 3 sessions avec ce magnifique duo !
Deux fois je les ai affronté à tout de role, la troisième fois j’ai affronté le duo… autant vous dire que qu’importe les modalités, je me suis fait détruire.
Tanya possède des ciseaux monstrueux et se fera un plaisir de vous faire taper avec un air satisfait !
Vixen, elle, possède plus de cordes à son arc et peut être très moqueuse, ce que j’ai adoré !

Pressé d’avoir la chance de pouvoir lutter à nouveau avec elles !

6 months ago

In July, I met Vixen & Tanya in Paris. After six months without any session, I finally gave in and decided to meet the two rising stars in my area.

Firstly, I must say that communication was very easy and pleasant. I quickly chose the configuration of the session (I chose to face each of them one on one for 30 minutes each), settle the modalities and that was it.
For someone like me who is very shy and introvert, it was very nice to see how they made me feel at ease; it was like they knew me from before. There was a little problem which forced us to cut 15 minutes of the session. However, they very nicely offered me to go 15 minutes with each of them in a semi-comp match, and then getting to wrestle them in a handicap match, which I gladly accepted, for I was always curious about facing two opponents at the same time. Also, I was even happier that my first time came with these two stunning beauties!

I first chose to face Tanya, as I knew she was the least strongest among the two. I don’t know why, but before meeting her I would have thought that she was a bit shy, which wasn’t the case at all: she’s very funny and joyful, and when we wrestled, she was trying her best to win while smiling and laughing. Physically, I don’t think I need to describe her; as you may also think by looking at her pics, it’s like she’s just out of this world.
Wrestling her was a real treat: at first, I was intimidated by her astonishing body, and I couldn’t focus enough on trying to win. Even before I even got to do anything, she already made me tap twice. After I was less intimidated and more focused, I was able to make her struggle a bit, but she still won 6-3. She really likes to pin you, blocking your arms and neck under her weight, but what she loves the most are scissorholds (which is what I love the most too, how lucky!). And boy, Tanya really has strong thighs! As I told both of them, I like when my opponents don’t hold back against me. Therefore I could not enjoy her headscissors for long, as I was forced to tap pretty quickly; she could have easily knocked me out at least twice…

After a quick pause, it was Vixen’s turn to enter the ring. I understood how lucky I was to score points against Tanya, because Vixen didn’t let me score one pin nor submission. I was simply out wrestled by her… I even lost count, it ended in like 10-0 at least. Vixen’s body might be less voluptuous than Tanya’s, but she is really athletic, which you can tell easily by staring at her shoulders. She was more skilled, each time making me tap with a different hold: a cross body pin, a schoolgirl pin, a triangle choke, a headscissor, a boston crab (yes I was put in a boston crab in a competitive match…), etc. While I was not a big facesitting fan before wrestling her, when she sat on my face and smothered me with her cheeks, I had an epiphany… It was so soft and relaxing, and so arousing witnessing Vixen assert her superiority this way. I think she made me addict to this hold now… Of course I tapped quickly too…

Then was the time for the final 2 on 1 part. Since both of them had already beaten me, and since I was already exhausted, I pretty much knew where this was going. For the rest of the session, they simply toyed with my body, laughing at me whining and vainly trying to escape their holds. It was really nice to see them work as a tandem, you can tell they worked on double team holds. I was lucky enough to feel a camel clutch-breast smother combo with face buried in Tanya’s chest, felt another brutal yet mesmerizing facesitting by Vixen, or received another incredible reverse headscissor from Tanya’s, which almost made me pass out again. The feeling of helplessness in this handicap bout was a real treat for me, I’ll never forget these minutes…

To conclude, I can say that I was really surprised to see how both Vixen and Tanya were at ease despite not being in the session business for more than a year. It’s really nice to meet wrestlers who really love to pummel men this way, especially in Paris’s area. I had a really great service, for a quite reasonable price should I had, and will definitely train to take my revenge in a few months. Maybe the result won’t be different though…
As other people have reviewed, I think both these girls deserve more attention, as they will quickly become stars of the session business.
So if you come to Paris, or if they visit your city, try Vixen & Tanya, you won’t be disappointed!