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Published: 03/14/2022

Length: 41 Minutes

Price: $19.99 USD


Clip Description:

Christine Marshall (IN CONTEST SHAPE) 5'3",up to 170lbs off season, 145lbs contest, 16 " biceps and 16 1/2" calves, 26" quads. The overwhelming response to seeing Christine wrestling in contest shape has now been fulfilled in this exciting video. Christine's last video in contest shape was called more then ripped and she is as good if not in better condition then the last video. She is ripped, and to top it off she has increased her size on her biceps and calves. Her biceps are very high peaked full 16" mountains of rock hard muscle. Christine unquestionably has the best glut's in the world in contest shape. They are compared to Karla Nelson's, Yvonne McCoy's, and Tawanda Smith's. In this video Ed is reading his magazine and looking at the photo's of Christine in contest shape. He begins to fall asleep and start to dream about Christine. Lots of muscle flexing at the beginning, then an onslaught of perhaps the most devastating, annihilating, vicious, extremely powerful head scissors are displayed like never before. Christine has always wanted to do a video with Mass Muscle Ed, because Ed is known for being tough and able to absorb allot of punishment. Christine took this opportunity to be able to use all her strength and scissoring skills and let ed have the most intense scissors he has ever experienced to date!! Ed is knocked out 4 times in this video by some of the most vicious vibrating full out rear head scissors (for real guys!!). I mean Christine really lets him have it and doesn't hold back one bit. She can make any man submit in seconds or you will pass out for sure. Just shear, explosive, elongated squeezes that is a turn on to watch!!!!! After Christine has ed completely beaten and left semiconscious with devastating, scissors holds, grapevines showing her incredible glut development her gluts are striated and show every inch of muscle with every move she makes, she begins some of the most seductive face sitting humping and grinding torture on ed's body and face all for Christine's sensual pleasure. Lots and lots of vicious, sadistic action, unreal ripped muscle, and sensuality plus, makes this one sure video you do not want to miss!!!! Around 45 minutes or so rippling muscle bulging, eyepopping action in this video. Christine is one the most MAGNIFICENT ladies you will not want to miss.!!

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