Clip Information

Published: 05/05/2022

Length: 65 Minutes

Price: $19.99 USD


Clip Description:

Sally Mcneil 5'3",155lbs, 16" calves, 15" biceps, 25" quads Holly 5'2" 14-lbs 15" biceps and calves 22" quads sexy blonde dynamo!! Sally Is known for her incredible vibrating knockout head scissors and also for her lifting with ease 200 lb men and throwing them half way across the room! Well sally got in a car accident with holly's car and never stuck around to talk to her about it. Holly comes to Sally house and raises all kinds of hell with her. BIG mistake, sally begins an onslaught of terrifying scissors and unreal lifts and throws that has to be seen to be believed!! She lifts holly straight over her head like a barbell and press's her 4 or 5 times. This is a great non-stop action female vs. female match with two muscular beautiful woman.

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