The Slave Has Demands Part 3 (Full Length Video)

Clip Information

Published: 02/01/2022

Length: 23 Minutes

Price: $24.99 USD


Clip Description:

In the third and final video from this series, Amazon Goddess Severa continues to torment Her masochistic bossy bottom- but not a way the little slave likes. The maniacal ginger-haired woman awakens to find herself abandoned and alone in a small, metal cage. Even a full-scale screaming freak-out does not rouse the Goddess- who is nowhere to be seen. Finally the Goddess appears and the tiny slave discovers that She too is crazy! Goddess Severa knows things about Her slave- that she hates to be ignored and that she hates punishment that doesn't leave marks. So the Goddess binds Her slave, not listening to her whines and accusations and proceeds to use electrical implements to torture the little idiot. Laughing at the slave's insane demands for "a refund", quality control and threats to call the cops, the Goddess' sadistic ways become clear. In a sly twist, knowing that pain is what the masochist so desperately craves, the Goddess blindfolds her, and against her will, subjects her to the pleasure of a Hitachi vibrator.Shot in high definition, the crackle of electricity brings out shrieks of surprise that are sure to excite those at home. A must have for all devotees of the incomparable Goddess Severa.

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