The Slave Has Demands Part 2 (Full Length Video)

Clip Information

Published: 01/31/2022

Length: 28 Minutes

Price: $29.99 USD


Clip Description:

Goddess Severa and her idiotic ginger slave face off for another round. This time the obsessed , 4'11" slave challenges 6'5" Goddess Severa to a test of strength in a wrestling match. The slave was driven insane with fury when, instead of being able to drink Goddess Severa's nectar, she was made to entertain the Goddess by dancing. The first time was like a steak dinner and last time was like Wendy's!... I WAS going to leave you in my will and now I'm NOT!...I demand better service!" the demented slave screams. Unfortunately for the ridiculous bossy bottom, she is no match for the Goddess. Looking like a midget next to the Goddess, she fails to even provide Her with a piggy back ride. Goddess Severa finds the slaves anger amusing but when her whining becomes too irritating, the Goddess shoves stockings in the slave's mouth to make her shut up and engages in a variety of activities to amuse Herself: throwing the slave to the floor, punishment tickling, face-sitting, school girl pins, HOM, L & C, scissors and spanking. Easily subduing the nitwit with Her long limbs, a sleeper hold puts the slave in her place. While some are foolish enough to use negative attention to try to provoke the Goddess, it never ends well. This silly romp will have you looking forward to what comes in Part 3!

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