Clip Information

Published: 01/31/2022

Length: 34 Minutes

Price: $13.99 USD


Clip Description:

Mysteria's first fantasy wrestling video shot for Athena2 in Paris in August 2006. Starring: Mysteria as a maid, Steve and John as card players. Mysteria comes to the room for the housekeeping work and the two guys are playing cards. They totally ignore her at first, but soon her legs and underwear attract more attention than the cards. They make rude comments, laugh and start to touch her legs. Mysteria warns them that she can't work like this but they continue. Mysteria has enough and decides to teach them a lesson. She uses her strong head scissors, grapevine, headlocks, sleepers, punching, even a vacuum tube and cleaning tools to show them that they made a big mistake. In the second part Steve is brave enough to challenge her in a wrestling match. But she is very strong and he is soon exhausted and dominated by her. John is laughing but when it is his turn, he very soon begs for mercy. Will the two guys manage to survive Mysteria's rage?

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