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Published: 04/11/2022

Length: 51 Minutes

Price: $19.99 USD


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Monica Ingebrigtsen In a dynamic posing and wrestling video combo. 5' 5" with 161/2" rock solid biceps, 17+" massive calves and ripped 26+" quads at 170lbs.. in Swede Muscle Monica without a doubt has the best calves in the business!! BIG full diamond shaped WIDE 17+" beauties!! I have worked with many women, 75 in fact, and I keep coming across women who absolutely astound me with their incredible, massive, muscle's!! And without a doubt Monica fit's that bill. She is not only massive at 5'5" but also a very very sexy gal!! Her muscles are all in proportion and she is among the world class bodybuilders. This video displays Monica's muscle to their fullest, showing her in many outfits each one showing you just how muscular she really is. Her legs are perhaps the best in the business especially her massive calves!! And she is no slouch at wrestling either. She is strong, fast, and has a mean mean squeeze and headlock. She beat's this guy senseless in this video and with ease. Headlock's, grapevines, combo-holds, scissors head and body all show Monica's wrestling prowess. She is a true beauty and this video will show you that from her many years in ballet training ,she is graceful, powerful and extremely muscular. This combo posing wrestling video will certainly excite you

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