Still Not Tall Enough (Full Length Video)

Clip Information

Published: 02/02/2022

Length: 20 Minutes

Price: $22.99 USD


Clip Description:

This playful video features the six foot five inch Amazon and Her bumbling five foot three troll in a playful height comparison scene. She orders him to help Her prepare for an event where She wants to be enormously tall and imposing. The shortie assists Her in trying on a variety of shoes and boots -from standard height to two foot tall boots. The leggy Amazon wears a white miniskirt and sexy top which reveals Her fit, muscular frame. The short guy is badged and belittled when he's only boob level and smaller but their onscreen chemistry is evident. They do hand comparisons and then many laughs are had as She struggles to fit into unwieldy boots and ends up falling into his arms. Sweaty feet give way to a leg massage until the perfect height is found.If you're a height comparison fetishist, this video will soon be amongst your favorites!

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