she’s back

Clip Information

Published: 06/13/2022

Length: 45 Minutes

Price: $19.99 USD


Clip Description:

Anita Ramsey is back after 10 years Anita Ramsey 5'4" 150lbs 16+ high peaked biceps, 16" calves 25" killer quads!! After 10 year of absence from the Mass Muscle Scene, anita is back to raise hell and kick ass!! And kick ass is actually what she does in this outstanding video. She is even more vicious and sadistic then before if you can believe that!!! First you see some great arm-wrestling showing anita's massive high peaked biceps. She easily beats this man and almost rip's his arm off!! Then it's onto some killer boxing as anita pounds away at this man with no mercy. You can see the effort on her face as she hits him with savage haymaker powerhouse punch's. She beats on him even when he is down and out!! Then she beats him viciously with head-locks, Rib breaking body scissors, vibrating knock-out head scissors, Her gluts are maybe the best in the business!! She also shows off those incredible biceps through-out the video. At the end she flex's her beautiful massive muscles showing you she is ready to take on any and all comer's

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