Sensitivity Training

Clip Information

Published: 01/31/2022

Length: 41 Minutes

Price: $44.99 USD


Clip Description:

In this video, shot 12/6/2021, we see a CEO explaining to his staff, that a guest speaker, (six-foot five-inch Goddess Severa), will be leading some exercises in “sensitivity training” for a video that will be shown to the whole company. He explains that the workplace must be free from unwanted sexual advancements and that the Goddess will demonstrate some techniques to punish bad behavior in poorly trained men. Goddess Severa walks in wearing a tight police corset uniform and shiny pants. In a soft-spoken and modest manner, the Goddess introduces Herself and assures the staff that the patriarchy must be smashed- particularly in the era of Me-too and continued workplace harassment. The staff are surprised when Her techniques are more brutal than they expected. She takes particular interest in helping a four-foot eleven-inch woman put the men through the paces. Soon things become out of control as the maniacal duo take turns slapping, punching, scissoring, squeezing, ball-busting and pummeling the surprised men. When the two women change into more cleavage revealing outfits, the gentlemen think their luck is about to change. However, the attacks ramp up even more as the short cutie becomes enraged when one of the men’s big, fat dick pops out of his boxers. As with all Goddess Severa’s films, the action is real. No special effects or sounds are added- just uninhibited, full-on, brutal punishment. This is one of the Goddess’ favorite films ever produced and will make for an excellent addition to your kink collection.

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