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Published: 04/25/2022

Length: 40 Minutes

Price: $19.99 USD


Clip Description:

Yvonne McCoy 5'2" 18" striated rock hard calves, Yvonne is in a class all of her own just like Karla Nelson or Tawanda Smith and incredible muscled women like that. Yvonne pose's her incredible body with muscles like you have never seen before. Watch them explode right in front of your eyes and see her one of a kind calve muscles flex for your eyes only!!! Different outfits showing off those incredible incomparable leg muscles will captivate and astound you!!! Some of the most exciting and devastating head scissoring is done in this video and i assure you it is incredible to watch her thigh, hamstring, calves and gluts devour this mans head and face!!

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