Punishment of slave a- Part 3 of Husband Training

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Published: 03/02/2022

Length: 13 Minutes

Price: $24.99 USD


Clip Description:

Punishment of slave a, Part III of Husband Training Camp. Mistress Jasmine Corvina and Goddess Severa team up in a dungeon to continue their behavior modification of slave a. While slave mike waits below in a cramped cage, slave a is bound to a bench where he is chastised, spanked and cropped. The two gorgeous ladies are clad in shiny outfits: Goddess Severa wears a skin tight white catsuit with black waist cincher and white boots, while the Mistress dons a short black ensemble. Slave a has no choice but to agree to a chastity device while the Mistress will take a lover. This blonde/brunette combo is incredibly sexy and fun. Filmed Winter 2020.

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