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Published: 02/03/2022

Length: 16 Minutes

Price: $19.99 USD


Clip Description:

Six foot five inch, Amazon Goddess Severa meets Her boyfriend, with cross- dressed sub in tow. She is surprised- but not entirely- by a wedding proposal – but then- a prenuptial?! Immediately taking offense to this, She scolds Her new fiancé then returns his pathetic, little ring. Swatting his face, She pulls his shirt over his head and threatens to leave him. She strips him of his belt, wacks him on the bottom and makes some sensual gestures that make him agree to sign his profitable company over to the Goddess. In a cleavage revealing, tight corset top and slim-fitting Wolford leather skirt and stockings, She is resplendent. She makes Her new fiancé Her slave, collaring him and making him kiss Her heels. Their marriage is going to be very different than he imagined!

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