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Published: 06/02/2022

Length: 61 Minutes

Price: $19.99 USD


Clip Description:

queen of squeeze 5'4" 160lbs 17" biceps 17" calves 26" quads!!! Anita has some bad photos delivered to her and she gets extremely angry at the company. To top it off, the man delivering them is rude. Anita almost complete destroys the man in this video (for real) and applies the most incredible scissors ever seen anywhere. She squeezes this man so hard in a head scissors . We had to stop the video to see if he could continue. Combo holds, lifts and carries, body scissors that leaves this man with cracked and bruised ribs, head locks showing Anita's massive 17" softball size biceps. Anita is one of the most brutal and sadistic wrestlers out there showing no mercy what so ever to all of her victims!!!

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