Pandora’s Polkadot Twist – Game 1 Devon vs Pandora

Clip Information

Published: 02/13/2022

Length: 5 Minutes

Price: $5.99 USD


Clip Description:

1st of an exciting new clip series, “Pandora’s Polkadot Twist!” Fans pick and sponsor the girls for me to challenge, in a game that always ends in some sort of wrestling match! 2-6 players at a time. Who do you want to see me all twisted up with next?!?!? We don’t play the game fair, we fight dirty! Email me at [email protected] for details of how to sponsor your favorite wrestlers, fitness models, mistresses, fetish gals… Want to have us dressed as cat girl vs teacher vs Ms. Robinson vs Sarah Palin? Send me the outfits. Want me to get twisted and tied up? Send props. (Autographed outfits and stills can be purchased, if requested in advance)

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