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Published: 03/14/2022

Length: 56 Minutes

Price: $19.99 USD


Clip Description:

Maria Calo 5'5", 185lbs Power House!! 5'5"", 200lbs off season, 175lbs contest, 181/2"" biceps and calves, 291/2"" quads. Maria is a personal trainer trying to teach a man how to bodybuild. However she has to come face to face with the fact that this guy just doesn't want to hear all the details that maria is about to tell him. What bill really wants is the Easy Way Out, but maria tries to tell him that there is no easy way out! After speaking to bill for 5 minutes to long according to her, she decides to teach bill a lesson and to WHIP him into shape. As you can see by the photos on this page, maria is wearing a tight one piece leotard that shows off her incredible HUGE muscles to their fullest! This woman is one MASSIVE lady! Maria keeps getting better and better all the time with her wrestling skills and far more intense as well. She uses many combination holds on bill and shows some of the most destructive scissoring ever seen! This lady can squeeze and she loves to hurt people who doesn't listen to her instructions. Great grapevines, combination holds, head locks, scissors of all kinds, lifts, and great chest smothering makes this non-stop action exciting to watch throughout the video. Maria is a powerhouse to be reckon with and is getting better, bigger , and stronger, all the time

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