My Prized Pig

Clip Information

Published: 02/03/2022

Length: 18 Minutes

Price: $29.99 USD


Clip Description:

A new video, shot Spring 2021. Goddess Severa and Her "pig" in a type of scene She's never shot before. We see a very short, plump and happy girl in a pig costume rolling around on the floor and snorting. Six foot five inch Amazon Goddess Severa, dressed in polka dot bikini, explains that this "pig" is one of Her prized possessions. She points out why the pig is so excellent: lots of fat, meat (but tiny hooves), good personality and examines and objectifies the happy, snorting pig, doing some hand comparisons and playing around. Goddess Severa speaks in the manner of a Southern farmer and enjoys Her good natured, cheerful pig- who only snorts or laughs. She covers the pig with oil and tries to get the pig to wrestle Her- but it's not that athletic. So the Goddess spanks her, does a little scissoring, makes Her do a little foot worship, tickles her, does hand comparison, covers her in baby oil and makes the greedy pig suck on a strap on and does some tit-fucking with a strap on. This video is not about humiliation: it's a feel-good romp with some giggling and sexy humor. It is clear these two have good chemistry and is an enjoyable collector's item.

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