BTS Lora and Tapered Competitive Submission Wrestling

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Published: 01/31/2022

Length: 49 Minutes

Price: $15 USD


Clip Description:

BEHIND THE SCENES Competitive Female Submission Wrestling Lora Cross 110# Vs. Tapered Physique 150# Models: Tapered Physique, Lora Cross, Leo Cross, Moulan Rouge Moves allowed: all chokes, body scissors, head scissors, arm bars, jointlocks, ankle locks Moves not allowed: punching, kicking, slaps This behind the scenes version has the full interaction of the camera crew, the viewers and the nerves and chit-chat between Lora and Tapered P before the match as well as the uncut recap after their big fight. Lora Cross responds to a challenge by Tapered Physique, who calls Lora out as a pipsqueak who has no chance against a bigger, stronger and jiu jitsu-trained opponent. Lora accepts and begins training 5 x a week at her gym with Tapered P. in mind all the while. The big day finally comes and is live broadcasted for the entire world to see. 3 rounds of 5 minutes a piece to settle the score once and for all. Who will come out on top?

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