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Published: 05/02/2022

Length: 33 Minutes

Price: $19.99 USD


Clip Description:

Thea Bennington 5'10" 27" massive quads 17" calves 16" biceps Lisa 5'5" 25+ quads 17" calves 16+ biceps Lisa and thea make a bet that they can each withstand each other's scissors. Each time they submit they have to pay up. Watching them scissor each other is exciting and both one has the power to knock each other out with their scissor. Some good arm wrestling and lifts an carries also. Who wins the most submissions? watch and find out.. Then Amazon Squeeze Thea Bennington 5'10" 185lbs 17" calved 16" biceps 27" quads Non stop scissors buy this Amazon. She squeezes this guy without mercy and enjoys her well toned fit victim. Choke holds, quad holds, scissors, grapevines....thea wants to squeeze him to Submission or a knockout!!

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