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Published: 06/13/2022

Length: 63 Minutes

Price: $19.99 USD


Clip Description:

Andrea Gahan 5'5", 170lbs, 28 1/2" quads, 161/2" biceps, 181/2" calves in a great annihilation scenario video. Rusty has to present a case in court this morning and his firm hired a legal assistant to make the brief to be presented. Andrea comes over to present the brief and as far as rusty was concerned, the whole brief was nothing short of garbage. Well, Rusty gives Andrea RUDE comments and puts her down for her poor presentation and lousy work. That was enough to get this hellcat mad and Andrea begins an onslaught that I have never witnessed in my entire career. Rusty was literally almost beaten to . This lady has the power and strength of six men. The veracity of Sally McNeil, the speed of Ziggy and the wrestling skills of Kasie Cavanaugh. I mean, she has it all!! Andrea applies so many holds on rusty I lost count of them all. Rusty didn't know what hit him right from the start and never had a chance of fighting back! Andrea is vicious, sadistic, skilled, merciless, ardent wrestler and she goes non-stop throughout this entire video, Seemingly never getting tired. Her scissors holds are second to non, her rear figure four head scissors are unbelievable as you will watch her huge 28+" quads and hamstrings bulge beyond your imagination.

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