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Published: 03/17/2022

Length: 40 Minutes

Price: $19.99 USD


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5'10"", 200lbs off season, 190lbs contest, 171/2"" biceps and calves, 261/2"" quads. Karla nelson certainly needs no introduction, after nine years of being a Mass Muscle girls she still never ceases to amaze me with her one of a kind musculature and incredible physique! In this video karla is wanting to expand her career and become a professional wrestler with the Mass Muscle Federation. She goes to apply for a job and meets up with the newly appointed manager chuck, well chuck being new doesn't even know who karla is and doesn't acknowledge her greatness in this industry. Needless to say this infuriates karla beyond belief and makes her explode with some of the best wrestling I have seen her do in a long time Kar la does some pro moves such as a camel clutch, lifts and carries and throws and magnificent scissors. Karlas impressive muscles in her legs and glutes are like no one elses on this earth. Her thrusting grapevines are a thing of beauty as you watch her glutes flex with some of the most amazing muscle you can ever imagine. This along with many combination holds, and some eyepopping facesitting and smothering holds makes this video more then exciting to watch. Watching karlas muscles in action is like viewing a sea of muscle continuously moving and rippling in the wind.You will witness chuck submit (and I mean for real guys) as he is now known for never submitting to these gals and karla tests his reputation and finds that he is indeed tough Chuck goes to rest and snores pretty hard in this head crushing head scissors hold karla applies on him. This is a great video of karla in action and showing her MASSIVE striated muscles in motion

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