I Knew You Were A Sissy (Full Length Video)

Clip Information

Published: 01/31/2022

Length: 50 Minutes

Price: $49.99 USD


Clip Description:

The Leprechaun troll was resoundingly defeated by the Goddess and now he must endure the same fate as others: to become Her sissy! And so, the ginger bearded fellow joins a long list of others as the Goddess' plaything. The gorgeous Amazon, clad in black stockings, skirt, shiny red-satin custom corset and heels, and Her appropriately attired personal sissy, engage the troll in an afternoon of pleasurable cross-dressing. Looking as small as a doll next to Her, the mini-man is dressed and undressed in various bras, panties, dresses and other feminine outfits. While initially hesitant, he later gives in to his inner sissy and treats the Goddess to several smirk-inducing dances. There is a sissy in every man and this video is likely to make you run for the nearest set of stockings!

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