Husband Training Camp, Part I

Clip Information

Published: 01/31/2022

Length: 32 Minutes

Price: $39.99 USD


Clip Description:

“Husband Training Camp”! In this great new series of videos starring 6’5” Amazon Goddess Severa, She teams up with Mistress Jasmine Corvina. In Part 1, Mistress Jasmine brings in Her very disrespectful partner with a promise of a nice surprise. Instead, the treat turns into a trick when it is revealed the two have devious plans of keeping him there for a month and subjecting him to cruel behavior modification methods. The Goddess applies Her superior physical strength in tests of lift and carry and wrestling. He is completely overpowered by Her trim, spandex covered physique and becomes exhausted when subjected to a beat down, face-slapping, spanking, trampling, wedgies and much verbal abuse. A little forced foot kissing won’t be all that’s asked of him. This is just the beginning of his punishment! Filmed in Winter 2020.

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