Goddess Severa Wrestles a Fool Part 1

Clip Information

Published: 01/31/2022

Length: 34 Minutes

Price: $36.99 USD


Clip Description:

What is it with internet trolls? A keyboard warrior has broken into six foot five inch Amazon Goddess Severa's home and has challenged the Goddess to a match only to discover that he has nothing on Her in person. The large, brutish, six foot two inch, 220 lb man is easily pummeled, choked, bullied and berated by the Goddess who declares that She will shave his head and beard and make him Her slave for the day if he loses. Naturally the big oaf has no wrestling skills to match the Goddess who easily defeats him and subjects him to the humiliation of having his shirt torn off, a painful wedgie, body and neck scissors and a triumphant victory pose while standing on his belly. Shot in high definition in 2016, this video is a great addition to the collection of all fans of Amazon Goddess Severa.

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