Foot Worship and Trampling

Clip Information

Published: 02/01/2022

Length: 24 Minutes

Price: $29.99 USD


Clip Description:

In this latest episode, six foot five inch Amazon Goddess Severa appears in pearls and a form-fitting, cleavage enhancing, tight black dress with gloves and nude nylons. She attempts to ride Her subpony side saddle but finds he is too small and slow. Instead, he is put to use as a carpet, foot stool and victim for for painful, groan-inducing trampling. When he can take no more, She busts his balls with a few choice kicks and applies pressure to his sore nipples. Following that, She instructs him on how to massage and worship Her legs and feet and is rewarded with the feel of Her high arches on his face. What a lovely combination of pain and pleasure.

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