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Published: 02/02/2022

Length: 18 Minutes

Price: $16.99 USD


Clip Description:

Prepare yourself to witness Madam Mysteria dish out a continuous barrage of precision Deep Reverse Facesitting and, even hotter, Relentless Face Riding! As if she hasn't punished her face seat enough, Mysteria then clamps on some of the most powerful and TIGHT Reverse Headscissors possible! Gripping her seat's face tightly within her gorgeous, muscular thighs, Mysteria steadily and methodically squeezes her incredible, tanned glutes all the way around her seat's face and nose, ensuring with every sexy pulse that his face is trapped deep within her Ass Grasp - right where he belongs! So potent are Mysteria's Reverse Figure Four Headscissors - and so deep is her seat's face held fast within her all-consuming ass - that she finally squeezes the lights right out of him, resulting in a TOTAL Scissorhold Knockout! As she dismounts for a moment, you can see her seat come back to consciousness only to face his fate further within her glorious bodysuit clad ass! All the while Mysteria laughs, giggles, and gloats as she revels in her complete, nonstop domination over each of his senses throughout this excellent video! BONUS: Enjoy the additional Editor's Cuts in sprinkled within this spectacular video, complete with zooms & pans so you don't miss a moment of the delicious action!

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