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Published: 04/27/2022

Length: 63 Minutes

Price: $19.99 USD


Clip Description:

Lee Price " lethal legs lee" 5'7 158 lbs After the defeat with lee price on "the challenge", Al wanted a rematch to show that was just a fluke and he wanted revenge. So Decisive Victory was made to give Al a chance to get back at her and give her a beating she deserves. Now, I must tell you all that in the challenge video Al gave up 17 times and was knocked semi unconscious from lethal legs scissors. This match was even more brutal, lee was in tremendous shape and she beat Al so senseless I thought he wasn't going to make it through the video. Lee is an ardent wrestler, she knows all kinds of holds and used all of them on him in the exciting video Combo holds, all kinds of head and body scissors and I mean scissors, she held nothing back and wanted to humiliate him even worse then before Her grapevines almost knocked him out from the pressure from her legs and body pounding against him, and all the time lee was taunting him with her famous verbiage. At the end Al was dazed and again humiliated at the hands and legs of lethal legs lee..

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