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Published: 03/10/2022

Length: 101 Minutes

Price: $19.99 USD


Clip Description:

Yvonne MCcoy 5 2 150lbs 25" sinewy muscular quads 18" calves, unreal muscular gluts!! This muscular, sinewy, mass leg muscle woman squeezes this man for hours, making him pleasure her while she enjoys an incredible squeeze. She loves it as much if not more then the man. Unreal muscular gluts and hamstrings and calves as she grapevines and him while getting off on him, She loves to apply immense pressure while her muscles flex and bulge to unreal sinewy mass. Unbelievable face-sitting and smothers, while squeezing his head without any mercy. If you love to see a extremely sinewy muscular lady squeeze a man and have her way with him and please herself for hours, (This went on for 2 more hours after the camera was off. And it was very very hot!!!!)

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