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Published: 03/14/2022

Length: 35 Minutes

Price: $19.99 USD


Clip Description:

Karla Nelsen in a non-stop action wrestling video. 5' 10" with 171/2" thick high peaked biceps, 17+" calves and ripped 26+" quads at 207lbs.. in Worse Date Ever Karla has put on size if that is possible!!207lbs and HUGE 17+ calves This video begins with Karla returning from a blind date, which has to be the worse date she has ever been on. This guy was a complete male chauvinist pig and Karla just had to teach him her style of lesson! She begins beating on him before she even gets out of the car and then takes him inside for a nightcap, but not that kind of nightcap, its lights out for this cocky, rude man!! Every kind of hold is applied to this good sized man, and Karla actually makes this 205lb man look small. He muscles are the biggest, fullest, and best developed then ever before!!! Combination holds, arm bars, scissors of all kinds, grapevines showing karla's amazing gluts and hamstrings, Boston crab, and just total brutality is displayed in this GREAT video. Karla's muscles in action are always a treat to behold!!!

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