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Published: 03/10/2022

Length: 44 Minutes

Price: $19.99 USD


Clip Description:

6'3" AMAZON Bunny Glamazon Destroys a 200lb man! In "BUNNY AIN'T SO HUNNY" BUNNY IS 6'3" WITHOUT HEELS AND IS ONE HELL OF A TOUGH, STRONG LADY!!In this video she takes on a guy who has admired her for many years now, and has always wanted to take her on in a real wrestling match. After experiencing bunny, he has now changed his mind about taking her on for real again! Bunny has no mercy on this guy and even though he is 5'10" 200lbs, he looks small compared to her. She applies countless debilitating holds, bringing vlad to screaming submissions many times. A couple of semi-unconscious knockouts made vlad helpless throughout this battle. Excruciating scissors holds, head scissors where vlads head completely disappears between bunny's legs, smothering grapevines, combination holds, arm wrestling, and much more all do vlad in and leaves him a submissive wimp at the end. I suggest to anyone that wants to meet a TRUE amazon, go and meet bunny, she is not only massive, with a sexy firm, toned body, but she is also extremely beautiful as well

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