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Published: 03/16/2022

Length: 58 Minutes

Price: $19.99 USD


Clip Description:

C.C. 5'3" 155lbs 16" biceps and calves 25" quads, her whole body is powerful muscle This is a long lost video from the mass muscle archives. The tape was broken so it was never placed on any of our clips, or video sites etc. Well we fixed it and here she is, one feisty, aggressive, muscular, beautiful women here to please you as you watch her in this non-stop exciting mixed wrestling video. C.C is fast, strong, and a very competitive woman! She gets this man in all kinds of scissors, her head scissors are devastating, body scissors that knock the wind out of the man instantly, figure four head scissors shows her massive calves, grapevines, school boy pins, face-sitting, arm wrestling, cross body pins, her head locks are inescapable, lifts carries, and just so much superb action, believe me you do not want to miss this beauty in action. She can also take a real mean hard head scissors and body scissors and never gives up!! Her victim is left semi-unconscious at the end and learning that blind dates can be dangerous

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