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Published: 05/09/2022

Length: 25 Minutes

Price: $21.99 USD


Clip Description:

The bianca Blance combo is a compilations of all of the videos we have done with her. "Bianca loves to squeeze" and "squeezed out" all combined in this one video. She shows how much by first squeezing's a pillow and showing you how much pressure she can apply and how much it turns her on. Guys you should be thankful it is a pillow and not your head as this beautiful lady can squeeze. Then she shows you just how much she loves it as she scissors a mans head all different kinds of ways. Front, back, side, figure four rear showing you her beautiful muscles and skin as she squeezes and turns herself on by pulling his head and face deep into her legs. she gauges her squeeze my 1-10 pressure and makes the man scream with pain. Bianca is a dream see her for a session if you ever can. I am extremely proud to bring you this video of Bianca Blance she is an unbelievable beautiful sexy ardent wrestler who can scissor a man to submission easily with her long muscular legs and powerful gluts, and she truly loves to squeeze a man it turns her on! . She shows her unreal power as she makes this man submit time and time again, I don't know how this man was able to continue throughout this video. Font, rear, back, figure four pulling the mans face deep in her pussy while squeezing and pulsating and humping him making him eat her pussy. All kinds of devastating scissors will have you watching with mouth wide open as she beats this man senseless.

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