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Published: 03/23/2022

Length: 43 Minutes

Price: $19.99 USD


Clip Description:

Heather is one of the largest women to come along the Mass Muscle scene in some time. Her quads are wide and thickly muscled like no others. Beyond the immense size of heather, she is also a very beautiful and sexy girl. In this video she pose's some of the most sexy muscle you will ever see, and not just sexy, HUGE is also the word that best depicts this national level bodybuilder. Her unbelievable muscle control is a sight to behold. She can flex her chest muscles up and down at will, and watching her do this will turn you on for sure. She wears several different outfits, each one more sexier then the next, and the style and seductive way she pose's and moves will leave you wide eyed with your mouth wide open. Allot of sexy dance (stripper) type posing, at all times showing off her great muscularity. If you like a BIG, Beautiful, muscular sexy women flexing and posing then do not hesitate to purchase this video right away!!

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