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Published: 03/15/2022

Length: 66 Minutes

Price: $19.99 USD


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Christine envall 5'3",up to 200lbs off season, 168lbs contest, 17 1/4/2"" biceps and 18 3/4" calves, 28" quads. Here we have it, just when I thought I have seen the biggest most unbelievable muscles on a woman , along comes Christine Envall. This woman is without a doubt the most MASSIVE powerful woman I have experienced to date. Christine has 18 3/4" calves . 28" quads 17 1/2" biceps and all of this on a 5'3" frame. Her calve muscles are the most extraordinary muscles I have ever seen. They are full, wide, deep diamond cut, and hard as stone. Her quads are massive muscle bellies that expand out to miraculous proportions. Her hamstrings could a man in a scissors hold. In this wrestling video she shows off those muscles by totally overpowering and destroying a man with them. All kinds of holds are displayed throughout this video with never a dull moment from beginning to end. Full nelsons, full nelson scissors combination, jackknife, camel clutch, Boston crab, all kinds of magnificent head and body scissors, some of the standing head scissors will blow your mind as her calves are flexed real hard showing the deep diamonds and huge muscles. Head locks, arm bars, bearhugs, grapevines showing christines magnificent glutes and hamstring muscles are all shown. I think I can say now that I have seen the most unbelievable legs in the world that will never be surpassed by anyone ever! Christine also taunts her victim with verbal and really knows how to lay it on heavy! This is without a doubt the best display of muscle you will ever see along with dynamite wrestling action as well

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