Bad Date (Full Length Video)

Clip Information

Published: 02/03/2022

Length: 17 Minutes

Price: $19.99 USD


Clip Description:

A nice young man has answered a romantic ad online, and set up plans to meet up on a date. The bizarre scene that awaits him is not what he had in mind: 6'5" Amazon Goddess Severa is clad in a skin tight red cat suit in huge rock star boots (making Her about 7' tall) and wearing a red eye mask. What sort of a twisted super hero can She be? This isnt what the ad said! To make matters worse, a weird, subservient man-mouse, skuttles around the area, getting up on a ladder to whisper things in Her ear. Before long, both men are listening to the cackle of Her laughter as She makes them massage Her legs. Her behavior becomes even more insane when She puts on giant yellow industrial electrical gloves and forces the young man to suck them and gag. What sort of Hell can this be and how is he going to get out of here? Let this be a warning to all romantic young men out there, Amazon Dominatrixs have cruel and clever ways of tricking you into their lairs.

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