A Day in the Life, Part II

Clip Information

Published: 02/01/2022

Length: 25 Minutes

Price: $28.99 USD


Clip Description:

"A Day in the Life, Part II" is a continuation of Goddess Severa's version of afternoon delight. Shot in high definition video, we join the scene to see Amazon Goddess Severa and her little female minion on the top deck of a sailboat overlooking the Coronado Bridge of San Diego. Cuddling and lap sitting turns to hand and body comparisons and muscle and body worship- which then takes a turn for the worse when the slave becomes turned on and pushy. Despite sporting pancake sized bruises on her buttocks, the slave is clearly a slow learner. Petulant behavior results in her being tied to the mast of the ship while she regresses and has a complete screaming melt down. Paddling, otk, nipple torture and cleaning the deck with her tongue are punishments used to school the little brat until her crazy fit subsides. At last harmony is restored and the Goddess can relax with Her feet up on her footstool of a slave.If you enjoy seeing someone bratty being punished, you'll get a sadistic thrill from seeing the inimitable Goddess Severa in action.

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