A Day in the Life, Part I (Full Length Video)

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Published: 01/31/2022

Length: 29 Minutes

Price: $32.99 USD


Clip Description:

Amazon Goddess Severa loves being on Her sailboat. She also loves it when Her small, ginger-haired slave comes along to do the dirty work. As the sailboat begins the journey out to sea, we find the two below deck. Her slave is found very worshipfully applying lotion all around Goddess Severa's hot red bikini. As she applies the lotion, she admires the Goddess' height and muscles and some time is taken with hand and foot comparisons. Gentle cuddling and lapsitting ensue, which makes the Goddess so sleepy, She takes a little time out to snooze on her slave (who also doubles as a human mattress). When Her nap ends, lunch is served -and what a dissatisfying lunch it is! The Goddess expresses Her displeasure by humiliating Her slave in a card game and making her eat the offending lunch without her hands. She also spanks Her slave's badly bruised bottom and uses stern words to rebuke her lazy slave."A Day in the Life, Part I" is a delightful afternoon romp showing the everyday life of the Goddess and Her slave and makes for a most amusing addition to your collection.

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