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Published: 03/09/2022

Length: 4 Minutes

Price: $7.99 USD


Clip Description:

What's more fun than having my slave undergo a reverse scissor and a choking immediately afterwards, just to continue training his stamina? And that's what I do in this video. In fact, for the choking I decide to use one of the moves that I do best, that is the reverse headscissor. In the first reverse I squeeze hard with all my strength, and keep him compressed for a good 40 seconds, despite his initial and pathetic attempts to ask me to let him go. As soon as I release my grip and his head falls to the ground, I immediately sit on his face to keep him smothered fullweight for 30 seconds without giving him respite. In the second round, I reverse scissor again with no escape for 35 seconds, and immediately after I place my huge breasts on his face to take his breath away for another 30 seconds (and I assure you that between my tits it is impossible to breathe!). Again I gave my slave a good lesson in who's in charge! I keep him continually submissive with smothering and choking, so that he remains devoted to his Mistress!

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