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Published: 03/09/2022

Length: 4 Minutes

Price: $7.99 USD


Clip Description:

Another video where I enjoy choking my slave trying different types of scissors, one of my favorite holds! While my slave sits in front of me, I am sitting on the bed, and I start with a side scissor, compressing his neck with my powerful thighs, so that he suffocates a lot! You will enjoy hearing his choked moans as he tries to beg me to let him go! You will see the muscles of my thighs stretched to the maximum, in an attempt to compress as much as possible! After 2 lateral scissors, I decide to give the best of myself with a scissor from behind, tightening a lot and for a very long time! my slave tries to complain, but then he surrenders to my power, letting himself be choked for a very long time! only when I finally open my thighs, he returns to breathe and regains color in his face! But the worst for him is yet to come, when I want to try out the figure 4 scissor. Once locked in my grip, he tries to wriggle and rebel, but he has no escape and he has to surrender to being choked by my perfect figure 4 for a very long time, until it is I who decide to loosen the grip and make him breathe again ! At the end of the video he tells me "stop" as he is exhausted! he knows very well that I will come back to choke him because it is one of my favorite entertainment!

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