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Published: 05/30/2022

Length: 8 Minutes

Price: $9.99 USD


Clip Description:

Today I'm your giantess! You have to imagine that you are that little man at my feet that I will soon crush, choke and smother with all my gigantic body! In fact, the video begins with me taking that little man, placing him on the bed and sitting down at full weight, smothering him mercilessly for a very long time! I don't care that he has no air, he will breathe when I decide to get up! To have fun then I take him by the feet, and insert this microscopic nothingness upside down inside my huge breasts! he will not find air and will smother mercilessly between my huge boobs! After more facesitting choking, I then decide to squeeze him between my powerful thighs! When I place him between my legs his body disappears, however big my thighs are! I crush it with sidescissor, reversesidescissor, backscissor, and then I end up pulverizing it in my inevitable reversescissor !! At the end of the video I think the body of this little being is no longer intact! I'm ready to crush other little worms, including you !!

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