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Published: 05/23/2022

Length: 13 Minutes

Price: $14.99 USD


Clip Description:

Today I want to see how comfortable it is to choke my slave while wearing my black tight leggings! My thighs are getting bigger and more powerful, I train every day to compress more and more the neck of my poor slave! I start by ravaging my slave with my side scissors, holding him compressed for a very long time and repeatedly telling him not to touch me! After having exhausted it, I crush it first with a reversesidescissor, and then with a very powerful backscissor! You will notice how at some point your head is completely popping! By now he is exhausted, with a sore neck, the capillaries burst! Then I apply my figure 4, trying to tighten as much as possible! The first squeeze resists, but the second time becomes completely "Kindly Obsequious"! Obviously I take this opportunity to keep him a good 40 seconds inside the trap of my powerful thighs dressed in tight leggings! Grand finale, I devastate it with my reverse scissor who can not let anyone escape! The last choke did not settle, holding it a full minute in a super choked state, "Kindly Obsequious", not realizing the time that passed! Eventually she had neck pains and broken capillaries for 3 days straight! 13 minutes of non-stop choking, very tight, mercilessly, with no signal allowed (in the video I often say "don't tap! Don't tap") !! For all lovers of leggings and extreme scissors!

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