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Published: 04/18/2022

Length: 10 Minutes

Price: $9.99 USD


Clip Description:

In this video I use acrobatic scissors to choke my slave mercilessly! I am working out a lot, and my thighs are getting bigger and more powerful! You can see how I practically make her head disappear between my huge crushing thighs! So I start with a couple an acrobatic reverse scissor that obviously makes it "Obsequious Kinldy"! As is my style I try to hold on tight and as long as possible, so as to be sure it's completely in my power! I then switch to the reverse scissor but belly under, and when I see that it is very weak, I block it in my figure 4, sending it in a few seconds in a state of "Kindly obsequious" between my powerful thighs and calves that fit it in a hopeless triangle! But I'm not done yet, and I want to let him taste my backscissor, and here too his head disappears between my huge thighs! you will notice how much I was holding !! At the end of the video he kisses my legs, glad it's finally over, but I treacherously apply another sidescissor, devastating him completely! At the end of this video I did a good leg workout, but he had a thin neck! lol

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