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Published: 04/11/2022

Length: 9 Minutes

Price: $9.99 USD


Clip Description:

This is a second point of view (POV2) of the movie "58) Pincer scissor! ". Below the description: “I always like to experiment with new methods of tormenting my slave with my powerful legs, and this time I do it in a way that is devastating to him! In fact, I use my legs as powerful pincers that open and close continuously giving him continuous strong blows to the neck, without pause and mercy! He undergoes my scissors and seems almost dazed by how many devastating blows I give him! I start with backscissors, then sidescissors, again reverse sidescissors! So I trap him in my reverse scissor, and after a series of pincer scissors, I hold him tight again for a long time making it "Kindly Obsequious" between my thighs! After 30 seconds I let go and start tormenting him again with another burst of pincer scissor! He holds and massages his neck in his hands, but I'm not done yet! Again I trap him in my backscissor for another set of devastating pincers! The last one I squeeze as hard as I can and again I make him "Kindly Obsequious" keeping him 1 minute super squeezed at the most! After this video she had to have a nice neck massage for several days to recover from the power of my thighs !!”

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