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Published: 04/18/2022

Length: 7 Minutes

Price: $9.99 USD


Clip Description:

This is a second point of view (POV2) of the movie "55) Facesitting with rope!". Below the description: Rope is my new ally, and it really helps me to choke my slave! This time I use it to wrap it around his neck, so I hold him firmly under me as I smother him by sitting on his face! To be even safer, first I tie his hands behind his back! I then start to smother him by putting my weight on his face and starting to torment him with long smothering facesitting, ignoring when he begins to squirm and arch his back! So with my usual sadism I put myself on his stomach, and tighten the rope around his tight neck and I choke him until he is "Kindly Obsequious" !! I keep it for at least 20 seconds, leave it for a few seconds and immediately tighten it again to the maximum to keep it in the state of "Kindly Obsequious" another 30 seconds! At this point I'm sure he's at my mercy, and I immediately take the opportunity to lie down on him and smother him with a breast smothering, plunging his face into my huge tits! After long choking times he starts using chicken dance and it bothers me a lot as I try to keep him in my breast! So I start choking him again with the rope to have fun seeing his tongue sticking out! At this point, however, I get really angry and this time I pull the edges of the rope as hard as I can, throttling it to the maximum and making it immediately become "Kindly Obsequious"! This time I don't realize the time I spend and I keep it for a whole minute super choked to the maximum possible! He begins to say words I don't understand, mumbles something incomprehensible. So I leave him but only to sit on his face, for another very long smother with facesitting! His chicken dance takes place while he is out of air, and at that point he squirms like a madman to free himself and get some air! He is now completely exhausted! Also this time I made him understand what it means to be under my command, and how much he must thank me every day that I allow him to breathe!

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