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Published: 03/28/2022

Length: 10 Minutes

Price: $12.99 USD


Clip Description:

This is a second point of view (POV2) of the movie "49) Christmas Scissor". Below the description: "I thought I'd send Christmas wishes to all of you, choking my slave, wearing my Christmas hat! But at Christmas I do NOT get better! In this video I subject my slave to different types of scissor: the first scissor is to squeeze and not let him breathe for a long time, making him suffer in a challenge scissor, while the second scissor I squeeze as much as I can (but just to tighten a lot), to make him "Kindly Obsequious" in seconds, keeping the grip for at least 20-30 seconds, and have fun watching his chicken dances after I release the hold! I repeat this game with backscissor, sidescissor, reversesidescissor and reverse scissor! In particular, however, once the sidereversescissor is finished, I immediately turn to the reverse scissor, and the choke when it was still in the chicken dance phase, so without realizing it always remains in a state of "Kindly Obsequious"! I notice it when I give up and emit snoring sounds, but I immediately block it again in the second reversescissor, this time tightening even more! Sometimes my sadistic side takes over and I can't stop anymore! When I finally open the grip of my thighs, he breaks free and resumes his snores, which I immediately stop putting on my full weight sitting on his face in a reverse facesitting, keeping him completely choked and out of air during the last chicken dance! And here came one of my most extreme scissor videos ever! At the end of the video he is devastated, and he will surely remember this Christmas. Happy Holidays to all!"

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