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Published: 03/28/2022

Length: 5 Minutes

Price: $7.99 USD


Clip Description:

Tonight I have to call a friend of mine Mistress to have a chat, and I use my slave's face as a pillow, sitting full weight on his face so as not to let him breathe! During the phone call you will hear me tell my friend that I am suffocating my slave, as I do every day, and that it would be fun to one day suffocate him together. But my slave squirms too much to ask for air, and then after a long smothering I decide to tie my hands behind his back, and sit down again. From that moment on, exhausting and long suffocations begin where I never let him breathe, making him suffer for a single breath! In the last facesitting I sit down when he hasn't gotten air, and after 40 seconds he becomes "Kindly Obsequious"! obviously I still wait 15-20 and then I get up, with him inspiring air like a whale, and I don't understand how much he realizes where he is, since he looks up into space for several seconds! Lol

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