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Published: 03/25/2022

Length: 4 Minutes

Price: $5.99 USD


Clip Description:

This video was not expected, in fact it is very short but intense! my slave provoked me by telling me that if someone put his head under my shirt then he couldn't breathe anymore! I wanted to try this immediately, I stuck his head under my shirt, plunged his face inside my huge boobs, and I hugged his head so as not to suffocate him! At first he resisted, but after a minute he started asking me for air, but I ignored him! At that point he became weak lying on the bed, but I didn't let go and lay on top of him! My boobs had become one with his face, and I put all my body weight on top of him so as not to give him a chance! He had become "Kindly Obsequious" but I did not stop and I continued, taken by the heat, and I did not realize the time that was passing, and I kept him smothered between my tits for almost 3 minutes! I think one of the longest suffocations I've had a slave undergo. Eventually I pulled his face out of my boobs, and gave him a few slaps to get him back. She had a headache for several days, but she experienced heaven between my big tits!

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