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Published: 03/25/2022

Length: 8 Minutes

Price: $10.99 USD


Clip Description:

I really wanted to experience a standing headscissor on my slave, and see how much I could squeeze! You will be impressed by how much I will cut his neck to a thin slice, choking him very tight between my powerful thighs, while standing with my ankles crossed! Each time I keep it choked for a very long time, I loosen a few seconds and I start to tighten as much as I can! His desperate moans and his choekd lines amuse me too much! Eventually I'm fed up and sit down, and trap it between my thighs in a super tight backscissor! His attempts to open my thighs with his hands are pathetic! After choking him for more than 1 minute like this, I release and start again! In the second backscissor, however, I have no mercy, with my hand I close his airways, and then I squeeze as much as I can, sending him in a few seconds in a state of "Kindly Obsequious" !! I keep it in this state for a good 40 seconds!! and when I loosen my grip, I also free him the respiratory ways and resume breathing air together with a ridiculous chicken dance! At this point I decide to use him as a pillow, sitting full weight on his face while his head is on the chair. I suffocate him with exhausting forward and back facesitting, giving him just a breath every now and then to keep him from collapsing! Between choking and smothering at the end of the video he throws himself on the ground exhausted! Once again I made him taste the power of my thighs!

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