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Published: 03/23/2022

Length: 10 Minutes

Price: $12.99 USD


Clip Description:

This is a second point of view (POV2) of the movie "41) Scissor without breaks! - POV2". Below the description: "I was feeling particularly bad that day, and it turned out one of the most extreme scissor videos I've ever done. I dressed in my battle outfit: leopard print top, leather shorts underneath and red heeled shoes. Immediately I trap my slave's neck between my powerful thighs, in a sidescissor that in seconds makes him "Kindly Obsequious" (and it was my goal). After 20 seconds of maximum tightening I loosen for a second, but immediately tighten (I don't think he notices anything) and continue another 45 seconds! At that point I open my legs, he starts the chicken dance, but instead of letting him do it I squeeze even tighter than before for another 40 seconds! (I don't think I've ever been this bad with recoveries!). At that point I release him and have him complete his shooting chicken dance, then wrap my thighs around his neck again in a backscissor! Maybe I don't know he expects it, but I immediately squeeze as hard as I can, to make him "Kindly Obsequious" again. After 45 seconds of crazy squeeze I leave a second where some air gets in, but immediately I resume squeezing when he is still "Kindly Obsequious" and to increase the difficulty with my hands I plug his mouth and nose! At this point I keep him choked and suffocated (backscissor + handsmothering) for a full 50 seconds! That day I had no brakes of any kind! After leaving him from the previous backscissor, I got an instinct to immediately apply a figure four with all my might, to still keep him in a "Kindly Obsequious" state! He started gasping in my thigh jail, making sounds I hadn't heard before, perhaps because he really needed air. I wait 30 seconds before loosening, then free them, give him a few slaps to make sure of his condition, and he starts doing a chicken dance that is too energetic for my taste! Immediately I trap him again between my thighs in my figure four to make him calm down again and I succeed very well! A few seconds and he surrenders to my power, and again "Kindy Obsequious" for another 30 seconds! He is exhausted but I'm not done: I want to have fun with my reverse scissor! I have him positioned, and immediately my big thighs compress his neck in a no escape grip, which in a few seconds makes him "Kindly Obsequious". I try to squeeze even more than usual (and you will notice it) and then release it after 40 seconds of squeezing! As soon as I drop his head, I get into position, because I wait for the chicken dance to start and his head will rise involuntarily! As soon as I feel it, I immediately squeeze again in another very tight reverse scissor! He complains and makes incomprehensible noises, but I don't care and I continue to squeeze! Another 40 seconds of final squeezing and I am finally satisfied! I give him a few slaps and also allow him to worship my powerful thighs at the end of the video, where he finally realizes who's in charge! This is probably one of the most extreme scissor videos I've done so far!"

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